How to use your flapgrip correctly

So verwendest du deinen flapgrip richtig

How to use your flapgrip correctly

We show you in 4 steps how to apply, use and remove your flapgrip correctly.

Step 1: Cleaning the case / mobile phone

During the daily handling of your smartphone, grease residues are left on the cover or the mobile phone, which can impair the adhesion of the 3M adhesive. First, use the supplied cleaning cloths in the numbered order to clean your device.

Step 2: Remove the protective film from the 3M adhesive

Carefully peel off the protective film of the 3M adhesive strip. Make sure that the adhesive surface is not soiled.

Step 3: Center the flapgrip

Press the flapgrip in the middle of the back of your phone or case. Be careful not to create air bubbles and do not peel the flapgrip to reposition it.

Important: Removing your flapgrip can reduce the adhesive strength of the 3M adhesive!

Step 4: Remove air inclusions & leave to dry for 15 min

Open your flapgrip with a push at the top and use your fingers to remove any air pockets. Afterwards the flapgrip must dry for about 15 minutes to allow the 3M adhesive to develop its full adhesive power.

Important: For the adhesive to hold reliably, it is essential that the adhesive can dry for 15 minutes at rest.

Opening & closing the flapgrip

Only open your flapgrip with a push at the top - in the designated place. Your flapgrip is now ready for use.

Important: Do not lift the flapgrip from below to open it. Use the push at the top instead.

Close your flapgrip by pushing the flapgrip down. Alternatively, you can use both hands to close it.

Removing the flapgrip

Remove your flapgrip by opening and pulling it off. You can also use a thin object to loosen the adhesive strip on the side and then pull off your flapgrip.

With our flapcases, you can also remove the flapgrip by taking off the cover and gently squeezing it to make it bulge. This will release the adhesive on the sides and the flapgrip can be easily removed.