What is Flapgrip?
Flapgrip is a smartphone grip that can be attached to any smartphone with a reliable and strong 3M adhesive which can be easily removed. With Flapgrip, you can hang your phone (almost) anywhere, be it in your car as a ventilation holder or on any edge to record a video or join a conference call. Flapgrip can also be used as a media stand to watch your favorite videos horizontally and hands-free, or as a phone holder to keep a better grip on your smartphone - the possibilities are (almost) endless.

Is flapgrip a case?
No, flapgrip is NOT a case - but it can be attached to your smartphone/cover to hang your smartphone (almost) anywhere or turn it into a media stand to watch your favorite videos.

Can I use the flapgrip with any smartphone?
Yes, flapgrip works with any smartphone and almost any case! The flapgrip is designed to attach to your smartphone (or case) with a secure 3M adhesive.